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Holistic Financial Adviser Services in Canberra and Queanbeyan Region

Not all financial advisers are equal.

We specialise in providing holistic financial advice to people and businesses who have achieved career success or aspire to it.

If you would like to start planning to create and protect your wealth, we can help you take the right steps.


Managed industry-based superannuation funds and over 400 self-managed super funds


Over 30 years of in-depth knowledge across multiple investments types including superannuation and retirement


Maintaining professional qualifications through industry training yearly


What we do

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Growing your nest egg

If you are in the growth stage of life and accumulating smart investments for your future, speak to us today to see how we can help.



Have you ever considered how your family would survive if tragedy struck and one of you suffered a major injury, died unexpectedly or was diagnosed with a serious illness?

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If you’re planning to retire with in the next 10 years, speak to us today to see if you are on track to meeting your objectives and how we can help to get you the best retirement possible.



Superannuation will probably be one of the most important investments you will ever make in your life. It will most likely provide you with an income at retirement, can be used to pay for personal insurance for you and your family and assists in great tax saving strategies.

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Canberra's privately owned and operated financial advisers

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Gateway Administration Services is a Corporate Authorised Representative of Nest Advisory HQ which is self-licensed through ASIC.

We put our clients first, not some bank forcing us to sell their product.

Because we don’t own any products, we have no incentive or bias to recommend any products to our clients. We recommend the product or service that suits our client’s needs, not what some corporate forces us to sell.

We have partnered with many providers for superannuation, investments and insurance so we can help our clients with the best solution for them – not the bank.